Le vieux cordelier - Camille Desmoulins

Le vieux cordelier - Camille Desmoulins

Le vieux cordelier - Camille Desmoulins

A French native born March 2, 1760, in Guise, France. Desmoulins' role as a journalist led him to the production of Le Vieux Cordelier. Desmoulins personally struggled in his attempts to become a lawyer; despite his acceptance in law school as well into parlement of Paris, Desmoulins found himself inadequate to continue his career as lawyer, primarily because of his unruly temper. Nevertheless, he still continued his struggle to contribute to a reconstructed government. As a J…

Le Vieux Cordelier. Source: Le Vieux Cordelier, No 1, quintidi Frimaire, 2ème decade, Year II; Translated: from the original for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor; CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2005. I learned some things yesterday. I saw how many enemies we have. Their multitude tears me from the Hotel des Invalides and returns me to …

Camille Desmoulins's Le Vieux Cordelier: a link between English and French republicanism* 1

In Camille Desmoulins …issues of his new paper, Le Vieux Cordelier (“The Old Cordelier,” December 5–30, 1793), Desmoulins attacked the Hébertists for instigating the dechristianizing movement that sought to destroy all Roman Catholic institutions.

The vehicle by which Camille intended to advance these ideas was the publication Le Vieux Cordelier The name The Old Cordelier was a reference to the good old days when the club was under the direction of Danton. Initially, Camille had the support of Robespierre and even submitted the first couple of issues for his approval.

LE VIEUX CORDELIER NO. 1 - Camille Desmoulins. Live free or die. Quintidi Frimaire, the second week, the second year of the republic, one and indivisible. When those who govern are hated, their competitors will soon be admired. (Machiavel.) O Pitt! I revere your genius! What new arrivals from France to England gave you such good advice, and such sure means of losing …

Le vieux cordelier, journal politique, rédigé en l'an II par Camille Desmoulins --by Desmoulins, Camille, 1760-1794; Vilate, Joachim, 1768-1795. Causes secrètes de la révolution du 9 au 10 thermidor an II; Méda, Charles André Merda, dit, 1775-1812. Précis historique des évènement ... du neuf thermidor, addressé au ministre dela guerre ...

 · Camille Desmoulins's Le Vieux Cordelier is one of the best known newspapers of the French Revolution. Yet, despite this, there has long been uncertainty over the intellectual content of the newspaper and, in particular, over Desmoulins's use of Tacitean passages to support his views. This article seeks to shed light on this important newspaper by setting it not …

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